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According to popular perception, those with artistic temperament tend to be poor managers of their own affairs. If this is true, and there is plenty evidence to the contrary, this may be due to the artist’s pre-occupation in their youth for matters that interest them, rather than the development of business and financial acumen.

This programme seeks to address this issue by bringing artists up to date with what they need to secure a just reward for their efforts and to continue with their artistic endeavours and reduce concerns about how they are going to support themselves.

The programme will seek to develop an awareness of the music industry, in particular, and entertainment generally as well as the roles of the main functions in arts business including the performer, the agent, the manager, the publicist and the importance of broadcasters, disc jockeys, producers and programme directors to the artist’s craft.

The programme will be held one day a week over three weeks with five hours in each of the three sessions.

The programme will be delivered in a standard classroom setting with full audio visual capability. Facilities will allow appropriate circulation of learners including assessment work.

Course Content

The Music Industry

  • The Music “Scene” in Ireland
  • The role of Agents and Managers
  • How to get into the “industry”
  • How do Artists get Agents?
  • Rewards
  • Common Missteps
  • The role of IMRO


  • The “story” of creative work
  • What Makes News?
  • How do you write a Press Release?
  • How do you reach traditional media?
  • Radio and Television
  • What is Social Media?
  • How you can use Social Media for your business?
  • What is a blog?
  • Getting “bums on seats”
  • Media Engagement
  • The role of the critic
  • The role of the PR Professional
  • Creating an Image

Personal Finance

  • Financial planning
  • Managing Expenses
  • Debt
  • Borrowing/Credit
  • Investment
  • Insurance
  • Buying a Home
  • Social Welfare
  • Retirement/Pensions